Jan Wyrwiński

Managing Partner

He graduated over ten years ago, yet he is still linked to his Alma Mater, the Gdańsk University of Technology, as a member of the Consulting Council at the Faculty of Management and Economy. Since 2005 he has been active in the sector of telecommunication and online technologies. Co-author of the FreecoNet platform (currently FCN) as part of Datera SA, FreecoNet SA, and subsequently Aiton Caldwell SA, in which as the President of the Board he was responsible for floating into the NewConnect market, developing the organization, as well as for technologies and the launched products. An investor and a mentor in several startups. Co-originator of the first co-living area for startup owners in Poland known as Clipster.
He quotes turning a startup into a well prospering company with a hundred employees as one of his major successes.

Jan will…

explain to you why it is necessary to correctly identify the target group of recipients (and their needs) before embarking on a project, 

tell you about the bumpy road teams must go through in order to realize a project – not only will he point to what is important at the moment, in six months or in two years’ time, but also help you set strategic aims of the project, 

put your project in the context of a global market – he will compare it with the current trends in technology, suggest the fields on which it is possible to cooperate with global partners.

Radosław Białas

Managing Partner

His whole career has been connected with investments. Initially as a consulting specialist he participated in the process of acquiring over 1 billion PLN in grants for realizing infrastructural investment projects. In subsequent years he proved himself as a well-established investment manager in one of the first seed investment funds in the northern region of Poland which operated within the Pomerania Development Agency. He was an Investment Director in such funds as Black Pearls Investments (between 2014 and 2016) and LQY Fund (between 2015 and 2016; realizing a pilot scheme concerning capital investments in R&D projects). He supported the creation of nearly seventy startups and spin-offs.
He quotes leading a number of projects from the conceptual phase, to developmental phase, to commercialization as one of his major successes. Among these are such companies as Let’s Deliver or Everytap, marked by a dynamic growth, or MODE, which is listed on the stock exchange.

Radosław will…

explain what a term sheet and an investment contract is (and why we secure our cooperation with documents of that sort),

suggest which aspects of the project are of real interest to the investors,

identify challenges which the entrepreneur will face in the process of commercializing the project.

Bartosz Lipnicki

Managing Partner

Since 2001 he has been an advisor in the field of business development and commercialization of R&D results in Koli, an industrial laboratory which runs non-destructive tests of metal structures. As the only Pole he was the President of the Board in an international students’ association called Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). He continued his career development by participating in a global programme for managers. He has worked for such companies as Ericsson, Gemalto, CLX Communications (WIRED100 Europe, NASDAQ Stockholm). He is a co-creator of the first co-living area for startups in Poland known as Clipster, as well as an international consulting company Sumpaya Consulting operating in the sector of mobile communication services.

Bartosz will…

make a preliminary assessment of the project and tell you about the benefits of realizing the project as part of cooperation with Alfabeat,

help you to create an effective strategy for developing and commercializing the project in international markets,

suggest how to make the extended plans real and how to define measureable and achievable goals,

inspire you to work effectively.

Michał Mysiak

Managing Partner

He has been involved in business and the new technologies market for 10 years. He holds the position of the President of the Board in the Pomeranian Foundation for Economic Initiatives. He is an investor and a co-owner of Software Development Academy, a programming academy, and Portman Lights, a manufacturer of world class stage lighting. Co-originator of the first co-living area for startup owners in Poland known as Clipster. An expert in economy for the European Commission. He lives by the rule that anything can be achieved and if something seems impossible to do, you only need to find the right person who will be ignorant of the complexity of the situation enough to do it.
He quotes creating the Software Development Academy as one of his major successes, as it developed its operations in ten locations in less than twelve months and became the boot camp leader in Poland.

Michał will…

suggest how to create a strong team around your company and the product and how to plan the selling strategy,

explain how to calculate and measure the efficiency of marketing operations, 

help you to prepare for cooperating with a corporate client.

Marek Rybacki

Managing Partner

Business lawyer, co-creator of Grodecki Rybacki and Partners Law Office. For 10 years he has been involved in the seed capital and venture capital markets. During that time he supported negotiations between originators of ideas and various funds investing money in innovative projects as a representative of both parties. His cooperation with numerous technology startups enabled him to learn about the needs and expectations of the originators. In his work he is always focused on realizing a business aim, to which he subdues all legal matters. He searches for solutions and not for obstacles.

Marek will…

help you find the right legal mechanisms that will allow you to achieve the business goal which was previously established,

advise you in terms of business planning, suggesting such actions which will ensure increased value of the business (and next, vigilant over a safe achievement thereof will), 

guide you through the process of securing your intellectual property.

Jakub Fijewski


Since 2011 he has been involved in the capital market. He is the creator of Estero Sp. z o.o., an investor relations agency. He participated in numerous processes of acquiring capital, including the implementation of selected marketing actions in case of public offers for such companies as Kruk SA or Enelmed SA. He developed complementary programmes for communicating with the market. His clients include IQ Partners SA, Ekoeksport SA and Vedia SA. He used the experience he gained while cooperating with many companies to make decisions about his own investments in interesting projects from the area of new technologies, trade or education (e.g. Get Impact,, NajlepszeCeny, DSS Logger). Over the years he has watched both small and big companies (as well as their clients) and co-created start-ups, thanks to which currently he can see the projects from different angles. He has no doubt that the experience he gained is extremely useful in the process of selecting companies for cooperation with Alfabeat.

Jakub will…

help you identify if your idea matches the profile of projects supported by Alfabeat,

put you in touch with interesting people who will make your success more probable,

make an initial estimation of your project.

Tomasz Gabryś

Main Analyst

In recent years he made almost dwo hundred business and technology analyses for products based on new technologies (including projects for the ICT sector, medicine, genetics, construction and materials engineering). He developed feasibility studies and commercialization strategies for technology products. He also dealt with estimating patent value and supported a patent attorney in the process of patenting new technologies. His area of professional interest is investing in financial markets, commodity and currency markets.

Tomasz will…

help you establish which of the assessed criteria are the most important for the fund, 

explain why certain areas of risk pose a threat to the success of your project, 

resolve any doubts related to subsequent phases of cooperating with Alfabeat.

Paweł Pietrzak

Financial Manager

Expert with nearly 15 years of experience in the field of business modeling, finances and profitability. Supporter of simple and implementable solutions, enemy of multiplying the all-too-common patterns. He uses the knowledge and experience he gained in such companies as KPMG, GE Capital, Energa and Sanoma Group to assist developing companies. He specializes in creating financial forecasts, developing tools for controlling businesses and improving the profitability of their offers. He explains complicated processes in simple terms.

Paweł will…

wrap your idea in numbers; prompt you to what the costs will be and when you will have to cover them, as well as how to obtain money for that purpose, 

lead you through various financial intricacies, 

support you in making current reports.

Katarzyna Szychta

PR and Marketing Specialist

While still under 18. she embarked on her adventure with the media by cooperating with the Tricity office of Gazeta Wyborcza, first as a freelancer and next as a marketing specialist. For several months as an editor of online texts she watched how Polska Press Group creates and runs its online services. She lives by the rule that one should talk about the product through the prism of the team that creates it and not only through sales results.
As one of her major successes in journalism so far she quotes an article she prepared for a national newspaper Dziennik Bałtycki, entitled A Twenty-Year-Old at a Therapist which dealt with the problems faced by young adults.

Katarzyna will…

suggest how to create and formulate a message for the press,

identify those aspects of your activity which are particularly attractive for the media,

help you collect the most essential information related to the project which should be present in the materials dedicated to the press (press pack).

Magdalena Grygierowska

Office Manager

She gained her professional experience while participating in a variety of projects, including business projects, as well as while running her own company. She perfected her organizational skills by engaging in an international project called Art Line. The time she spent on board of Sopocki Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Społecznej taught her that a creative team is able to solve any problem.
She quotes starting and running one of the first hostels in Tricity as her major success.

Magdalena will…

take care of the proper flow of information and documentation,

help you schedule dates for trainings and meetings (and will remind you of them),

make the time you spend waiting for your meeting enjoyable by offering a perfectly brewed coffee and making a conversation with you.