Alfabeat operations

Alfabeat is an accelerator and seed vc fund which was established in 2016 as an initiative of five entrepreneurs, who are currently the Managing Partners. Each one of them accumulated their experience when running their own companies, enjoying the successes and facing the failures connected with developing this type of business. Currently they personally support teams which carry out technological projects.

Alfabeat’s investments are made with the support of the BRIdge Alfa scheme held by the National Center for Research and Development, whose aim is to support teams which are engaged in technological projects that are in the early phase of development and which are based on R&D works.

For the whole duration of the cooperation all Alfabeat representatives support the development of the project. The project owners may expect assistance in such areas as creating the development strategy, legal counseling, managing finances, communicating with the media, promoting the project in international trade fairs and conferences, finding business partners and arranging subsequent rounds of financing, preparing for exit from the investment with the most favourable conditions.

Moreover, each team is assigned a coordinator. It is one of the Alfabeat Managing Partners, who will stay in regular contact with the project owners for the whole duration of the cooperation and will oversee the project and motivate the team to reach next goals.

Extensive network of contacts

Cooperating with Alfabeat also offers the possibility to make use of a network of contacts which have been obtained by the team whose members have been working for years with various sectors. We stay in permanent contact with over a dozen specialists who form our Board of Experts. On many occasions they will be the ones who will suggest the right direction for the project to develop in. Additionally they can play the role of „a link” – a person who according to the six degrees of separation hypothesis will link you with the appropriate specialist using their own network of contacts.



The six degrees of separation hypothesis assumes that between any two strangers there are other five people thanks to whom the former may be connected. In other words we are able to reach an unknown person who we wish to contact through a network of acquaintances formed by the other five. The first of these five is our acquaintance, the second is their acquaintance, the third is the acquaintance of an acquaintance… and so on. This way we can reach the sixth person who is exactly the one we needed to connect to.