Path to cooperation

The decision to invest is preceded by five steps which allow us to estimate the potential of a commercial project. The process takes between two and three months.

1. Presentation

Presenting your project during a meeting with the Alfabeat team.
The presentation should include an elaboration on the issues listed in the popular CLIENT – PROBLEM – SOLUTION scheme, which means it should define the client, define the problem the client is struggling with and offer a solution which will solve the problem. It is also necessary to address the question of how Alfabeat can help to realize the project.

2. Analysis

Collecting and verifying business information and information about technologies which will allow us to assess what chances a project has for commercialization. At this stage we also point out potential areas of risk. The reduction of the risks is one of the aspects of further cooperation with Alfabeat.

3. Terms of cooperation

Establishing rules of cooperation for a specific investment:

1/ introducing the advisor – one of the Managing Partners in Alfabeat, who is in permanent contact with the team which realizes the project,

2/ providing a document (a term sheet) which includes basic rules and terms of cooperation which is to be signed before the proper investment contract.

4. Acceleration

It means an intensive cooperation with the Alfabeat team which is aimed at preparing the project for investment. Among other things the cooperation is based on theme workshops which depend on the needs of the project team. It is at this level that we prepare a legal and financial analysis as well as an analysis towards intellectual property. We also prepare a schedule for actions to be taken. It is equally important to define milestones, i.e. achievements which are necessary to complete for the project to be commercialized.

5. Verification

It means analysing the information collected during the acceleration phase in order to confirm the commercialization potential of the project. It also involves making the decision to continue our cooperation and signing the investment contract.