Which projects does Alfabeat team invest in?

On basis of its experience so far the Alfabeat team created two paths for developing projects:

1/ improving an existing prototype and commercializing it,

2/ increasing the efficiency of business processes by making use of advanced algorithms and/or elements from AI.

In both cases the individuals who are running the project may expect support in the field of technology, as well as business.

Simultaneously the needs of each team are verified separately, taking into consideration the specific character of a given project. Coming up with a joint adequate identification of those areas which require polishing makes the work involved in the process of improving them become the aim for all people engaged in the project.


The assumption of this project is to create an ultra light wheel rim made of carbon composite which will not only affect the dynamics through a weigh limiting effect, but will also increase the distance cars will be able to run.

As part of the cooperation with Alfabeat the Fibratech team is carrying R&D works that aim to develop a functional prototype of the ultra light rim according to the guidelines of a chosen car manufacturer.

The aim of the next round of financing is creating a full production line for manufacturing the ultra light car rims.


The assumption of this project is to improve the delivery of food products offered by Daily to the neighbouring restaurants by increasing the efficiency of couriers.

As part of the cooperation with Alfabeat the Daily team is carrying R&D works that aim to create self-learning predictive algorithms. By analyzing selected data related to such aspects as courier availability or location, they will allow for the deliverer’s work to be managed more effectively, which will result in reducing the average delivery time for a single order down to 30 minutes and in a significantly increased number of orders delivered within one hour.


Each project applying for support from the Alfabeat team must meet nine criteria of cooperation.