• Friday May 12th, 2017

    Alfabeat will support technology entrepreneurs. ‘We bet on clear rules of cooperation’

    Cooperating with Alfabeat is a chance to develop innovative technologies, the effects of which may revolutionize not only the Polish, but also the global market. Entrepreneurs may present their ideas during ‘office hours’, i.e. meetings with the representatives of Alfabeat which are held in offices and… on trains.

    Alfabeat is an accelerator and a capital fund that supports the implementation of projects from the ICT sector. Those projects which assume developing new or improving existing technologies are of particular importance in the investment strategy.

    Alfabeat investments are realized with the support of the BRIdge Alfa scheme held by the National Center for Research and Development whose aim is to develop R&D based projects which are in the seed phase. It is a stage at which the risk of failure is the greatest, yet verifying it does not incur enormous costs. The BRIdge Alfa scheme should result in developing projects toward commercialization, as well as creating long-lasting connections between originators of ideas and investors.

    The Alfabeat team – partners in technology development

    The experience in running technology projects gained by the co-originators of Alfabeat, which has been accumulated by them over the years through their involvement in various projects, is an asset. Each one of them specializes in a different discipline, thanks to which entrepreneurs may rest assured that regardless of the problem they will always receive necessary help. Moreover, the Alfabeat team cooperates with over a dozen of independent specialists who form the Board of Experts and who based on their own experience may support entrepreneurs by showing them the right direction for further development of their projects.

    Each project receives an advisor – a representative from Alfabeat – who not only stays in constant touch with the team throughout the cooperation, but almost becomes a part of it. He may support the group which realizes the project in the process of making key decisions about e.g. the strategy of their company.

    While cooperating with Alfabeat entrepreneurs may also count on support in dealing with such everyday problems related to running their own companies as creating marketing actions, HR management, solving intricate problems from the field of law or administration, or developing financial and market analyses.

    Clear rules of cooperation with a win-win attitude

    Originators of ideas do not trust investors, because they live by the conviction that entering a cooperation of that sort involves giving up the rights to your own project. There may have been such cases. We in Alfabeat bet on clear rules of cooperation with a win-win attitude, which means reaching a situation where both parties may state that they have achieved success – says Jan Wyrwiński, Managing Partner in Alfabeat.

    The cooperation with originators of ideas is based on articulate processes which regulate every phase of common operations, also in terms of formal issues. Hence the necessity to continually renegotiate conditions is eliminated, which allows all to focus fully on the realization of the project.

    One important aspect of every investment that is being realized within the accelerator is share/stock division. In projects that are realized together this division always follows one rule: less for Alfabeat, more for the originator of the idea. Usually with the financial support of 1 million zlotys in total value the shares/stocks are divided in the proportion of 20/80 – 20 per cent for Alfabeat, 80 per cent for the originator of the idea. This way – following American trends – the chances for acquiring additional funds from international investors, which is often detrimental to further development of the project, are increased.

    Present your idea to an Alfabeat representative… on a train

    The cooperation with Alfabeat is based on five steps leading to an investment.


    The first (and also the most important) step is presenting the project during “office hours”, that is several hours a week dedicated to meetings between the Managing Partners from Alfabeat and originators of ideas. The presentation should include an elaboration on the issues listed in the popular CLIENT – PROBLEM – SOLUTION scheme, which means it should define the client, define the problem the client is struggling with and offer a solution which will solve the problem. It is also necessary to address the question of how Alfabeat can help to realize the project.

    What is interesting is the fact that you can meet the Alfabeat representative not only in one of the offices, but also… on a train from Warsaw to Gdańsk (train number EIP1501). Every Wednesday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Bartosz Lipnicki, one of the Managing Partners of Alfabeat, awaits the originators of ideas in the buffet car.

    It is necessary to fill a form prior to the meeting. You can find the form on

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