About the investment

Year of investment: 2017
Sector: predictive algorithms in logistics
Coinvestor: Zernike Meta-Ventures

About the project

The project will result in creating self-learning predictive algorithms which will analyze distributed data in real time in order to improve the logistics for delivering meals.

Daily is an integrated logistic service which enables the delivery of meals from neighbouring, high quality restaurants to the client. It is available in highly urbanized areas and the meals are delivered primarily by couriers on bikes.

Using predictive algorithms will allow for increased profitability of the services. There will be three variables that will be subject to verification: the meal preparation time, availability and the location of the couriers. Based on these variables the possible action plans will be developed. The solutions which will be assessed as the most effective, will receive a recommendation. The possibility to predict the number of placed orders, as well as the ability to delegate the right courier, will enable a more effective courier work management, which will result in reducing the average time of processing a single order down to 30 minutes and significantly increasing the number of orders delivered within one hour.

Daily is the first integrated logistic service in Central and Eastern Europe, while similar solutions are already being used worldwide. They are offered e.g. by the American DoorDash, the British Deliveroo or the Scandinavian Wolt.

More information at: www.daily.pl

Support from the Alfabeat team

in the process of acceleration:

  • help in complementing the team with an expert from the field of science,
  • collaborative development of a plan for R&D works,
  • collaborative development of the exit strategy.


after the investment is made:

  • support in acquiring next rounds of financing, including establishing connections with international capital funds,
  • support in communicating with the media.

People involved in completing the project

Nicolas Jedraszak

Małgorzata Sitkowska

Tomasz Kajdanowicz, PhD
Scientific Expert

Project advisor

Bartosz Lipnicki
Managing Partner