Drug-Eluting Biopsy Needle


About the investment

Year of investment: 2017
Sector: medical equipment

About the project

The project will result in the development of a prostate gland biopsy which – owing to the fact that it will be covered with antibiotics – will reduce the risk of infections suffered by patient who undergo this procedure.

Currently prostate gland biopsies are performed with the use of a steel needle which is not coated in any medications. The patient is protected from infections only by antibiotics administered orally prior to the procedure. In many cases the protection is insufficient, since a large (and still increasing) number of patients struggle with infections. It is estimated that each year the treatment of complications after the procedure in developed countries costs over one billion dollars.

The Polish invention is an opportunity to change theses tendencies. A prostate biopsy needle covered with a combination of antibiotics which would significantly reduce the risk of infection by being released into the prostate gland tissue during the procedure.

Support from the Alfabeat team

In the process of acceleration:

  • assistance in forming a complete team,
  • preparing a detailed analysis of the global prostate biopsy market and the manufacturers of biopsy instrument,
  • validating the solution and the market demand by contacting five global producers of biopsy instruments and two leading Polish manufacturers of pharmaceuticals,
  • collaborative development of a strategy for protecting the intellectual property,
  • collaborative development of a strategy for commercializing the invention and a business plan,
  • collaborative development of a plan for R&D works,
  • development of the exit strategy.


After the investment is made:

  • collaborative development of an optimal way of financing the full project,
  • contacting four funds in order to raise another round of financing, collaborative talks;h
  • providing support in promoting the invention nationally and globally;
  • preparing for exit from the investment through building relations with global manufacturers of medical equipment;
  • providing support in achieving the goals and the business plan at the strategic level;
  • securing access to subcontractors in such areas as accounting services, HR services, legal services, financial management, controlling or obtaining and settling EU funds,
  • helping to solve problems, creating a network of contacts on a business level.

People involved in completing the project

Artur Gibas
MD, founder

Marcin Sieczkowski
MD, founder

Michał Krużycki
Project Manager

Project advisor

Jan Wyrwiński
Managing Partner