About the investment

Year of investment: 2017
Sector: automotive

About the project

The assumption of this project is to create an ultra light wheel rim made of carbon composite which will not only affect the dynamics through a weigh limiting effect, but will also increase the distance cars will be able to run.

Currently the average weight of a popular aluminum rim used in passenger cars ranges from 6 to 13 kg, depending on how it is manufactured. The composite rim may prove to be a competitive solution. The prototype which has been created so far weighs only 3.5 kg.

It is a solution which may greatly influence the development of electromobility. Calculations show that fitting a full set of such ultra light rims in electric cars will allow us to increase their distance range by 6 per cent. It is a slight improvement, but a great achievement as far as this sector is concerned.

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Support from the Alfabeat team

in the process of acceleration:

  • validating the solution and the market demand with key partners in the sector,
  • collaborative development of a strategy for commercializing the invention,
  • collaborative development of a business plan,
  • collaborative development of the exit strategy.


after the investment is made:

  • support in acquiring next rounds of financing,
  • maintaining relations with key business partners,
  • collaboratively promoting the invention on the national and international level,
  • providing support in achieving the goals and the business plan at the strategic level;
  • securing access to subcontractors in such areas as accounting services, HR services, legal services, financial management, controlling or obtaining and settling EU funds,
  • helping to solve current business problems,
  • creating a network of contacts on a business level.

People involved in completing the project

Michał ​Smentoch

​​Michał ​​Sobolewski, PhD and Engineer

Claus​​ Bayreuther, PhD and Engineer
Senior​​ Engineer

Project advisor

Michał​​ Mysiak
Managing Partner