Privacy Policy



Alfabeat ALFA Limited Liability Company Limited Joint-stock Partnership with head office at al. Grunwaldzka 190, 80 – 266 Gdańsk, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the National Court under entry number 0000618343, whose registry records are kept in the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ, VII Economic Division of the National Court Register in Gdańsk, with NIP number 5842749801 and REGON number 364460277 [hereinafter: Alfabeat] – accelerator and capital fund for technological projects – pays particular attention to respecting the privacy of all users who visit the Alfabeat website [hereinafter: the Alfabeat website], simultaneously declaring full protection of the collected data.
This Privacy Policy [hereinafter: Privacy Policy] serves as some help in understanding what data is being collected by Alfabeat, what is the purpose and how the data is used. It is important for us that each user knows exactly which data we obtain and how the users may protect their privacy. Therefore, we ask you to get acquainted with this document very thoroughly.
On gaining access or using the website you accept the practices set out in the Privacy Policy below.


During your visit to our website the Internet Server automatically records the so-called system logs – anonymous technical information connected with using the Alfabeat website that allow the operations of the IT system to be analyzed and enable us to store the information. The information obtained and processed by Alfabeat include among other things:
• information about your IP address and your location;
• information concerning the way you use the website, particularly about the visiting date, duration of the visit, data transfer, as well as records of the display area which you click on when using our Services („clickstreams”);
• technical information concerning the device and the operating system which you are using to view the website.
Moreover, due to the possibility of submitting projects to Alfabeat by a ‘Submit to Alfabeat’ form, after receiving the necessary consent, Alfabeat obtains, stores and processes personal data provided in the form, i.e. name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and data about the project for the purpose of making the acceleration. Specific rules of acceleration are defined in the Rules of Acceleration in Alfabeat published on our website.


We inform that the Alfabeat website uses cookies to obtain and process tracking data. Cookies are text files which can be placed in the browser on your device by Alfabeat and its suppliers in order to make sure you can use all the website options that were provided for you by us. The files also allow us to monitor and collect the above mentioned information concerning your use of our website. They identify your browser and improve the performance of the Alfabeat website. You can choose the ‘Refuse cookies’ option in the settings of your browser, yet some functions of the Alfabeat website may then operate incorrectly. Cookies, however, do not contain any personal data.


Alfabeat collects and uses the stored information for valid business purposes in compliance with the present Privacy Policy and according to the resolution of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997. The collected logs are stored by Alfabeat for an undefined period of time as auxiliary information used to manage the Alfabeat website. The information included in the logs are only revealed to individuals authorized to administer the server and the Alfabeat website. We use secure solutions from external providers to analyzed the collected data. Currently we are using the Google Analytics tool. The tool operates on basis of the above mentioned files and does not give access to any information which would enable an individual person to be identified.
Since Alfabeat is greatly aware of the seriousness of problems related to privacy protection, particularly the problems connected with personal data protection, we make sure that the security measures that are taken prevent any instances of loss or improper use of the data collected by and entrusted to Alfabeat and simultaneously declare that they are efficiently secured. Personal data protection in Alfabeat is carried in line with the Personal Data Protection Policy adopted by Alfabeat.


We would like to inform that in the case of data collected by Alfabeat from the acceleration submission form, which you can find on our website under the button ‘Submit to Alfabeat’, we provide an option to modify or remove the data any time by sending us suitable information to our e-mail address: However, we do inform that giving consent to having your data provided in the ‘Sumbit to Alfabeat’ form processed by Alfabeat is necessary in order for Alfabeat to take actions related to the acceleration of your project. All necessary information about it may be found in the Rules of Acceleration by Alfabeat, published on our website.


We reserve the right to change the present Privacy Policy by publishing a new document on this subpage.